The focus of his research has always been an appropriate, namely humanistic understanding of human reason and freedom. From this he draws ethical consequences for economic practice, architecture, urban planning , education and Artificial Intelligence. Another focus is on political issues, such as the current threats to democracy , the future of Europe and the international challenges

Current research collaborations exist with the VW Foundation , the Körberstiftung and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research..

JNR leads an Interdisciplinary Working Group (IAG) of the b.-b. Academy of Sciences , which focuses on the normative constituents of democracy.

JNR is a member of the IAG "Responsibility: machine learning and artificial intelligence" (BBAW) .

JNR is a member of the IAG "Change in universities and their social environment: consequences for academic freedom?".

JNR ist Mitglied seit Juli 2021 im wissenschaftlichen Beirat (Scientific Advisory Board) des Forschungsvorhabens „Designing Health in the Post Covid City. Fostering Health Support and Social Inclusion Through Experience-Based Urban Design” (Technische Universität Berlin).