Podiumsdiskussion am 6.05.22 um 20.00 im Literaturhaus über das zuletzt erschienene Buch "Erotischer Humanismus"

Vortrag als Gastprofessor an der Universität Federico Secondo in Neapel

"Demokratie in der krise. Ein Weckruf zur Erneuerung im Angesicht der Pandemie"

Im Gespräch mit JNR über Schubladendenken

Sendung am – 7.10.2021 um 15:05 Uhr – SWR2 Leben

JNR returns to the public conversation-"there is no life without risk"


from philosophy into politics

Digital Humanism and the limits of AI

JNR on scales in the pandemic

JNR- lectures on digital humanism

Opening speech of the Salzburg Festival-JNR: "Without liberalism, no democracy".

Opening of the Salzburg Festival- JNR: "Democracy is not the dictatorship of the majority".

"What would Europe have done without vaccines ?"

"Justice and Risk - A Double Book Launch"

Sahra Wagenknecht and Julian Nida-Rümelin present each other's latest published books. On these controversially discussed questions of our present. Christoph Markschies moderiert das Gespräch.

Julian Nida-Ruemelin

Live-Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften

am 18 Mai 2021, ab 19 Uhr

How much environmental protection can be expected of the individual

JNR answers in the podcast

"Europe needs its own digitalisation model"


Lecture followed by a discussion (in English) on the philosophical foundations of digital humanism.